Current release: 0.98 (September 11 2021)

The goal of MyAES is to provide a free, fast, reliable and modern AES. It should be at least as good as "standard" AESes (MagiC, NAES and XaAES are the references), but the second step is to have a good portable AES for futur machine (Linux/Aranym seems to be a good option at the moment).

Here is a small gallery of snapshot to give you an idea of the rendering of various windframes provided with MyAES

a snapshot of myaes a snapshot of myaes a
              snapshot of myaes a snapshot of myaes a snapshot of myaes a
              snapshot of myaes a snapshot of myaes interface Thing

MyAES Video demonstration of MyAES0.97 under Aranym


Patch MyAES 0.98 : September 11 2021
- Fix start crash issue on firebee
    - Fix start crash issue with debug option
    - Fix possible freeze menu or slow on Vision (possible several other programs)
    - Fix fullscreen mode (widget was still active)

    Still some quite big issue on 0.98 version to fix : Jinnee not start, Toswin2 froze if try start .tos program even when cancel, MyAES not work with Matrix card (crash at start) - Sorry

MyAES 0.98 : August 18 2021

This version is highly focus on kernel event speed up, a page is dedicated to this can be found here please read: English version , version Française

Support thread creation as Magic with shel_write, with shared memory running in concurent way

Fix numerous bug (most for redraw (low number of color and low resolution) and edit field)

Reduce memory used in 68000 version

Add new program running option to help run some software write for singletos (documentation to be update, sorry not yet done)



- MyAeS doesn't support cooperative multitask under plain TOS so no accessory avaible on TOS.
- other issue can now be follow on Githup here


MyAES is free for non-commercial use. Please read the LICENCE for details.

Download MyAES 0.98 patch 1 kernel only:
Download MyAES 0.98 full version : (August 18 2021)

MyAES 0.97 Patch: Kernel only - last update December 10 2017

File selector patch - last update November 24 2017

Download 0.97 full version (about 14.4 MB ! ) - last update December 10 2017

68000, 68020, coldfire version of MyAES + Yopla

MyAES 0.96 Patch2: binary only

MyAES 0.96 Patch 1: binary only

The ZIP file contains a complete distribution of MyAES:

Download 0.96 version (about 300 KB).


Download additional skins for MyAES ("dark" and "milk" windframes by Zorro) : (about 700 KB).

(you can find other windframes from Paul Wratt here: and look at snapshot here : )

TOSWIN2 patch version with num pad '+' & '-' working with MyAES (new version with shortcut option working (2 March 2013)):

Download source code for simple windframe :

Edit your keytblxx.sys (keyboard configuration file) with CHARVIEW from Roland SEVIN (New version 19 November 2011):

Select your AES at boot of Mint with SELGEM, with it you can start different versions of MyAES and other AES such as NAES and XaAES :

Old versions

MyAES 0.97 patch : December 10 2017 -- Should be last patch provide for 0.97, I'm looking now for 0.98 version!

New graf_vmem() function was target on 0x45 AES fuction already used by NAES, this function is now set on 0x44 (no software use graf_vem for the moment), thanks Gerhard Stoll for this remark.

MyAES 0.97 patch : December 07 2017

Better focus management (more logical, faster with less redraw)

Fix small form_alert redraw (seen in Litchi)

Better toolbar button management and return (used in form_alert)

Fix shutdown

Modified files : MyAES kernel, alert.prg, app_conf.cnf

MyAES 0.97 patch : November 24 2017

File selector fix : Root application drive couldn't be access except by U drive

MyAES 0.97 patch : November 14 2017

Fix objc_edit possible issue, some caracter could not display depending content of template field

Cursor edit field was not displayed at start

Reduce memory splitting using jpeg.ldg (typically when was lodded backgroung desktop photo)

Alert box button was quite difficult to hit, this is now fixed

MyAES 0.97 patch : October 14 2017

Fix redraw bug introduce in previous patch for windows with toolbar

MyAES 0.97 patch : October 10 2017

Realtime window move and resize speed up

MyAES 0.97 patch : September 30 2017

ct60_vmalloc Xbios function can return wrong memory available with parameters -1L on Radeon card, so to fix this add max_video_mem parameters to myaes.cnf to fix max memory to use on your video card for MyAES. use:

max_video_mem= 30

will use 30 Mbyte of memory on your video card

MyAES 0.97 patch : September 13 2017

MyAES 0.97 (July 30 2017)

- "windows_backup" option is working (use it with Radeon, Videl video card with "use_video_mem" option or Aranym only (without "use_video_mem) else it is too slow.

- New option "no_opnwk" for very special VDI driver if open workstation was open before start of AES (find one configuration on MegaST + ET4000 that need this see documentation)

- Reduce memory usage

- Add video memory manager and AES call (graf_vmem (0x45)) to use video card memory (to use with use_video_mem)

- Add program configuration manager calls in appl_search(), each application can have his configuration without need manage it

- Revised multitask event manager

- Support of Eiffel Middle button (+ button 4 and 5 if eiffel propose it)

- Reduce highly unusefull redraw

- Fix a lot of redraw issue in black and white and ST Low Res

- Automatic resize background photo

- New management of desktop redraw and Windows to reduce load of the screen (optional only with Yopla)

- New version of "Yopla" task manager

- New version of "Mdesk" desktop (not yet really usefull very buggy, present only for information)

- Fix screenshot

- Support of some exotic video card

- Fix PNG table overflow, but now only PNG true color are correctly read

- 68000 version

- ......

MyAES 0.96 patch 2 (14.03.2015)

MyAES 0.96 patch 1 (07.03.2015)

MyAES 0.96 (14.10.2014):

MyAES 0.95 (09.02.2012):

MyAES 0.94a for Coldfire (27.09.2011):

TAS instruction of the colfire is not fully compatible with TAS instruction of 68K processor MyAES can't work, this is now fix there is a specific version compiled hereafter (thanks Vincent Rivière for his debug help)

MyAES 0.94a (16.06.2011) patch has been released:

Add a patched TOSWIN2 in download area (16.06.2011)

Add english file selector in download area (25.05.2011) Thanks Paul Wratt for this hack

MyAES 0.94 (24.05.2011) has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

MyAES 0.93b (25.02.2011) patch has been released: Realtime windows move can't work, number of pixels for transparency can't be set in myaes.cnf - this are specific bugs to 0.93 version

MyAES 0.93a (16.02.2011) patch has been released: wdialog doesn't work correctly when MyAES is compiled by GCC, this version is compiled with PureC - this is specific bug to 0.93 version

MyAES 0.93 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

MyAES 0.92 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

MyAES 0.91 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

MyAES 0.90a : Just a fix for bad environment pass to application in 0.90 version, some softwares doesn't work with this bug!

MyAES 0.90 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:


For programmers:

MyAES Programmer guide

For end users:

Official documentation of the configuration file (myaes.cnf)

Authors and contact

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